Business Services:  We offer a comprehensive set of services designed to handle the computer technology needs of small to medium businesses including: server sales & service, network design & repair, security, cabling, data recovery, backup solutions, PC & laptop repair and training.

Home Services:  Today every home has at least one computer. We can assist with all of your home computer needs. Our home services include: virus & spyware removal, wired & wireless networking, hardware & software repair and backup solutions.

In-house Services:  Our repair shop is setup to support your computer technology needs whether for business or home. We offer spyware & virus removal, computer tune-ups, hardware & software repair, hardware upgrades, eWaste recycling, data recovery and laser jet printer repair.

On-site Services:  Our on-site services are prompt and reliable. Some equipment is just too big to move like servers and large printers. All of our technicians have mobile service capabilitiesí. We bring our IT solutions and capabilities to you.

Remote Services:  We offer remote support services for those times when an on-site visit is impractical. We can resolve most non hardware based issues using our remote support software. Remote support saves you money. No travel time to pay!

IT Consulting:  Today's business computer users are faced with many hardware and software choices. It can be difficult to decide how to effectively purchase, deploy and manage your computer technologies. We can help! We love to talk about Information Technology! Let one of our sales engineers or technicians develop a technology solution that suits your needs.

Computer Sales & Service:  Synergy proudly stands apart from the crowd of "reformat, reinstall or resell" companies that have proliferated the IT landscape. We actually fix things! We spend the time to properly troubleshoot and resolve the issues our users' experience, saving down time and money! Our repair services include: hardware upgrades, software upgrades, tune-ups, virus & spyware removal, security and data recovery. As a Dell partner we have access to the latest PC's, laptops and accessories at competitive prices. We can provide new computer hardware for home, office or remote use.

Server Sales & Service:  Servers are the heart of a healthy network, but because they are unseen they tend to get neglected by inexperienced technicians. We understand the importance of a properly maintained server, detecting potential issues and resolving them before they impact your business. As a Dell partner we have access to the latest server hardware and software at competitive prices. We can design and configure server solutions for any home or business application.

Backup Solutions:  Backing up refers to the process of making copies of data that can be used to restore after data loss or corruption. This process seems to be one of the most overlooked or forgotten IT processes today. Our data recovery capabilities are extensive; however, implementing a consistent backup program is way more cost effective. We can design and manage a backup solution that suits your needs. We offer on-site and off-site backup solutions for business or personal data.

Data Recovery:   Todays modern hard drives store information in amazingly high densities but unfortunately lack the longevity of traditional hard drives. This means that hard drive failure is becoming more commonplace and you need a company well versed in the art of data recovery. Synergy frequently recovers data from drives that other service companies have written off as lost. We use a wide range of software based hard drive diagnostic and recovery software. Almost all of our recoveries are done in house but we also partner with Driver Savers, one of the industry's leading data recovery companies for cases of exceptional hardware failures.

Virus & Spyware Removal:  Viruses and Spyware, collectively known as Malware (Malicious Software) is software designed to infiltrate a computer without the operator's knowledge or consent. Malware is the number 1 cause of computer slow downs in business and at home. Some forms of malware can make your system non responsive or cause boot failure. We have the tools and experience to clean your system after an infection occurs.

eWaste Recycling:  eWaste or Electronic Waste is defined as broken, obsolete, surplus or discarded electrical or electronic devices. eWaste may contain contaminants such as lead, cadmium, beryllium and mercury, which should not be allowed to enter our landfills. We encourage the proper collection and disposal of eWaste. We offer our recycling services at minimum cost to our clients.

Hosting:  In today's modern digital world every business is dependent on internet, email and web sites. Our hosting services are competitively priced and reliable. We can setup and manage your web site, email and register your domain name all in one place.

Cabling:  Our cabling services include voice, data and fiber optics. We can handle interior and exterior installations. All of our cabling includes termination, labeling and testing. Is your wiring closet or server room out of control? Is it a nightmare to troubleshoot network and cabling issues?

Network Relocation:  Moving an office can be difficult. Down time can cost you money and productivity. We can setup the network at your new location and move all of your computer equipment with minimum down time. We can provide all cabling and network equipment needed.